HotelTAB on smartphone


Connect with your guests on a new level -
before, during and after their hotel stay.

What we do

Hotel - central place for external service providers.


Instead off browsing through flyers, hotel guest can see offres from local bussines on their mobile screen, even before they check-in.


Real-time reservations directly form mobile application. There is no need to call reception desk. Guest can make reservations even before their visit.


Various discounts and special prices for hotel guests are now available with HotelTAB.

Room service

In-house services like Room service are also available through mobile application.

Stay in touch

No need to lose connection with your guests after they check-out. With HotelTAB, you can invite users to come back with special offers and discounts for hotel services.


System is secure and can be easily administrated by hotel employes. Hotel has complete insight and statistics about guest interests.


  • View and edit all products and services offered in the system
  • View and edit all reservation made through the system
  • Analytic overview of all system data
  • User management



Service provider

  • View and edit own products and services offered in the system
  • View and edit reservations (requested, waiting, confirmed)
  • Calendar reservations view
  • Barcode coupon scanning




  • View all offers
  • View and edit reservations (requested, waiting, confirmed)
  • Reminder for next reserved activity
  • More info on dashboard
  • Discount coupon


How does this work?

Few simple steps from interest to reservation.

  • Step 1  -  Hotel guest
    Browse offers by category.

Why us?

What makes our system different?


Full control over system via administration panel for hotel.

High availability

Guests can make reservations in advance, before their stay or when drinkig coctail on the beach.

Stay in touch

Mobile application users have insight in various interesting events happening near hotel even when thy leave - so thay can plan their trip back.

Meal ordering

Hotel guests can order meal over mobile applic

Connection with guests

Hotel can stay connected with his guest even after they stay at a hotel.

Reservation overview

Hotel and his partners can easly track all partners offers reservations in simple overview

Get in touch

If you find our system helpful contact us and get more informations