EPREL webinar


In line with the European Parliament predefined Climate and Energy Policy Framework, EPREL Requirement was established as an answer to the enhanced market request for electronic products, and to provide important energy efficiency information to consumers. 

If you wonder „Who is obliged to comply?” or “Is there an existing solution for this regulatory challenge?”, you can find the answers among others in our TIS EPREL video.

EPREL video


To jump directly to a topic:

00:00 - Introduction

00:14 - What is EPREL?

00:59 - How EPREL affects my company?

01:13 -Who is obliged to comply to EPREL?

01:52 - What information does EPREL require?

02:17 - Is there an existing solution on the market?

03:40 -How can I benefit from TIS solution?

05:00 - How is TIS solution designed?

06:25 - Is there a risk of not applying EPREL regulation?

06:49 -Which preconditions do we need to satisfy?

07:24 - How TIS can help?

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