Digital business transformation with eSIG

No matter what time it is, where you are or what kind of device you use – with the help of eSIG you can sign any document. Digital platform of the TIS Group offers you a paperless and eco-friendly business.

To produce one tone of paper you need two trees, more than 63.000 gallons of water and 4.700 kWh of electric power. Digital technology has already entered in almost every part of our lives and changed our everyday life.
To meet the increasingly demanding needs of digitization, TIS Group has offered a functional solution that enables business modernization making it more efficient.


Signature at any time and place

The eSIG platform is based on the SIGNificant technologies of Namirial Group that are certified and meet all legal standards under EU directives and ISO standards (eIDAS and ISO27001:2013). E-signatures, besides digital certificates, are also enabled via a handwritten signature on the signature device and HTML5 signatures.

In addition to being available 24/7, the benefits of the eSIG platform are reflected in the flexibility of choosing signature devices, from high quality dedicated signing pads to mobile devices running Android or iOS. Due to this feature, it is also possible to sign the document remotely.

Protected and secured signature

In order to protect, prevent abuse and forgery, signature data and hash documents are encrypted together, and during the signature process, the document being processed is protected from unauthorized manipulation. When authenticating a signature, all forensic information in the PDF is available only with the private part of the signature certificate. As a part of the eSIG platform, a forensic signature analysis application is also delivered as standard. The sequence of signatures and other changes to the locked document can be viewed through the standard PDF viewer.

Documents can be signed by hand on a signature device or using a personal digital certificate. In order to support multi-party processes and multiple employees signing the document at the same time, it is possible to pre-define the order of signatures. In this case, each signatory receives information via e-mail about the documents waiting to be signed. The application also supports alternate signatories, groups of signatories, and reorder ordering.

Remote video identification

The video identification module supports the process of remote video identification, with the aim of enrolling (“onboarding”) new clients who may or may not want to complete the process at the outlet.
The video identification module enables the evolution of physical to virtual outlets because it meets the requirements of new and existing clients for secure and legally compliant remote identification. The video identification process has been updated by eIDAS, KYC and AML regulations and the Regulations on the provision of the trust services (OG 60/2019, 19/06/2019). Video identification allows clients to communicate directly with an agent or salesman regardless of the client's location, via chat, video call or audio call.

The client can be informed about products and services or can carry out various transactions and advise on business via video connection. By that, it is possible to offer extended opening hours relative to the physical office and reduce the problem of waiting in line. Services and processes with video identification can be updated continuously in order to build a virtual office.

The identification process is fully configurable and can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the particular process and the business goal achieved by that process in the same way, the harmonization of the identification process with the local legislation is also achieved. It is usual, but not mandatory, to complete the video identification process by signing the access document through the signature module described earlier.


Who can use eSIG?

The eSIG platform integrates easily with the existing business support systems and permanent archiving of signed documents.
The eSIG platform follows all trends in the area of e-signature and is constantly upgraded with new technologies such as biometric and video identification!
The innovative eSIG platform simplifies the business of each company by meeting the needs of the company's employees and the end-users of its services.


Benefits of TIS eSIG can be used among
  • eSIG enables its users
  • Clients in a shop or its outlet
  • Online integration of a screen with a pen display or a signature pad, tablets and smartphones
  • POS advertising (on a pen-display)
  • Terminal services support
  • Clients on field
  • (mobile version)
  • Online and offline integration of tablets and smartphones
  • Finishing documents in PDF format on the move
  • Adding scanned drivers’ licenses, passports and other photographs  
  • External users using their own device
  • Using the application without the previous installation on any PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Continuous and selling video assistance
  • Sending e-mails in order to include external signatory in the signing process at the time of their convenience
  • Remote video ID (LiveID)
  • Internal users
  • Single Sign-On authentication and PKI integration
  • Mass signing documents during authorization process
  • Defining workflow to sign  complex documents

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