Deputy Manager Vjekoslav Martinčić

In the run-up to this year's .debug developers’ conference by Bug, our Deputy Manager Vjekoslav Martinčić sat in the hot seat opposite Dragan Petric, where, you will see, he did certainly (d…) well!

In addition to presenting our company, he announced the TIS Group's activities at the largest regional developers’ event in Croatia, as well as our debut as the Bug event partners.

"Most of our services can be summarized as developing core business solutions for large companies in various global markets. Along with Croatia, Slovenia, and Great Britain, where we have our offices, we work on projects for a portfolio of clients worldwide. Furthermore, besides the in-house development of products for commercial use, we diligently implement our partners' solutions (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle). Additionally, in recent years, we have been investing in the development of innovative technologies, including AI", said Vjeko at the beginning of the interview.

If you Google our company, you will immediately conclude that our forte lies in the development of Fintech solutions. Most of the money market in Croatian institutions circulates through the systems we worked on, and we can boast of our development and implementation of systems in Banking, Entrepreneurship, and the Croatian Central Financial Agency.

"The Kuna to Euro conversion is behind us. Regardless of the complexity of the work, the entire process went smoothly. It was, admittedly, a bit tense, especially as far as the short deadlines are concerned. In this regard, we are the record holders in the EU since we went through the conversion process, a considerable number of times, in different countries. Thus, we have proven that the TIS Group can manage even the biggest challenges", continues Vjeko.

Wherever we operate, we strive to work on the most significant and challenging projects for the most elite clients in the global finance industry.

"Considering that the details of our contracts with large banks are subject to NDAs, we can disclose only that we work with the six of the 10 largest UK banks and that is thanks to our partnership with IBM. During the last decade, we have successfully participated in various integration projects. Yes, we are pioneers of integration technology, and the British market quickly recognized us as experts, thus enabling us to obtain our seamless establishment in the UK market", Vjeko points out, noting that TIS Grupa invests significant efforts in strengthening our cooperation and support of and from the British startups and the Fintech scene.

The one thing we are the proudest of is our specific company culture and working atmosphere which promotes respect, continuous development & life-work balance, and we incorporate this policy into our business models for clients as well. “A healthy work-life balance was & always is highly cherished in TIS," concludes Vjeko.

We thank Dragan Petric and the rest of the team behind the camera for a pleasant and constructive conversation. We invite you to watch the entire video, especially if you are interested in the details of our activities at this year .debug.


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